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Irish Times reviews Casement Sonata: “a strange and rare gift”

Malcolm MacClancy discusses Gavin Friday’s The Casement Sonata in today’s The Irish Times. He writes:

“The Casement Sonata lies in a submerged tradition of modern Irish letters that includes Patrick Kavanagh’s Lough Derg as well as Eugene Watters’ The Week-End of Dermot and Grace (when will some clever radio producer finally stumble across this sonic gem from 1964?). At the same time, it reflects and expands upon Gavin Friday‘s 2011 album catholic. That album’s artwork featured Friday’s uncanny re-enactment of Sir John Lavery’s iconic death portrait of Michael Collins. It is no coincidence, for example, that the Sonata is aired in the Hugh Lane Gallery, alongside Lavery’s dramatic portrayal of the Casement trial, High Treason. It is also highly appropriate that the artwork accompanying the new recording should prefigure Casement as a Dada-esque head complete with attendant mosquitoes. 1916 was a year of not only historical but also artistic revolution, the original punk rebellion if you will.”

The review includes “Easter Rising” a ‘bonus track’, not included in the Hugh Lane installation.

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Gavin Friday’s Roger Casement Sonata launches in Dublin

The Casement Sonata, Gavin Friday’s sonic response to the centenary of the execution of Irish nationalist Roger Casement, was launched by Cllr. Rebecca Moynihan, Deputy Lord Mayor, at the Hugh Lane in Dublin on Wednesday evening. The Casement Sonata will be played twice daily in the Hugh Lane in Dublin at 12pm and 3pm and…

Gavin Friday’s The Casement Sonata at The Hugh Lane

Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane is pleased to present The Casement Sonata by Gavin Friday, a sonic response to the centenary of the execution of Roger Casement in 1916 for the part he played in the Easter Rising. The Casement Sonata will be launched by Cllr. Rebecca Moynihan, Deputy Lord Mayor of Dublin on…

Banna Strand – a poem by Gavin Friday

“Banna Strand”, from Gavin Friday’s forthcoming ‘The Casement Sonata’ was published in today’s Irish Times. It is part of a long poetic work in musical form, examining the life, imprisonment and death of Roger Casement. Casement was a British diplomat of Irish extraction, humanitarian activist, Irish nationalist, and poet. read more:

Gavin Friday writes foreword for new book on David Bowie

Gavin Friday has written the foreword for a new book of essays on David Bowie. David Bowie: Critical Perspectives is edited by Eoin Devereux, Aileen Dillane and Martin J. Power. The book contains 17 essays about Bowie and is published by Routledge (New York). Buy David Bowie: Critical Perspectives from Buy from

Gavin Friday stars in Hal Willner and Eric Mingus’ rock opera Tommy

Gavin Friday will play various roles among which Uncle Ernie and the Acid Queen in Hal Willner and Eric Mingus’s re-interpretation of the rock opera Tommy exclusively at the Adelaide Festival in Australia, this coming February. The Who’s 1969 rock opera Tommy launched the band to international superstardom and inspired re-interpretations in film, opera, a…

Gavin Friday and Maurice Seezer receive IMRO and ASCAP award

Gavin Friday and Maurice Seezer received an Irish Music Rights Organisation and ASCAP award for the ongoing success of their film compositions in the USA in 2013. “Gavin and Maurice have created some of the most inspiring, moving and memorable soundtracks in Irish film and TV across the last decade that have gone on to…

Gavin Friday and Crash Ensemble perform sold out concert at The Barbican

Gavin Friday and Crash Ensemble perform a sold out show at the Barbican’s weekend celebrating Nonesuch Records on May 17. Entitled “Explorations: The Sound of Nonesuch Records”, this curated marathon weekend marks Nonesuch Records 50th anniversary year. Crash Ensemble will perform two concerts of work from Nonesuch artists, including Frederic Rzewski’s Coming Together, featuring Gavin…