Gavin Friday and Dave Ball single ‘Ghostrider’ – download now

Gavin Friday and Dave Ball’s cover of Suicide’s ‘Ghostrider’ is now available on vinyl and for download from Blast First Petite.

The single was recorded as part of a 70th Birthday Limited Edition EP tribute series to the Suicide vocalist Alan Vega. The download comes in two formats: mp3 and high quality lossless FLAC file. It includes the single’s artwork.

Buy the vinyl 10″ or Download ‘ Ghostrider’ . The limited edition vinyl 10″ of the song contans additional tracks by Thomas Brinkmann (‘Diamonds, Furcoats and Champagne’ ) and Alan Vega (‘Puss On Tha Time Warp’). It is also available as Limited Edition Radio CD.

Listen to the song on MySpace.

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