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Gavin Friday’s entry for the Big Egg Hunt 2013

The Big Egg Hunt 2013 is interactive public art display of 100 uniquely crafted eggs designed by Irish artists and celebrities. The eggs are placed in key locations in Dublin from the 12th February to the 15th March after which they will be brought to one central location and displayed for one week.

All eggs are on auction, with all the proceeds benefiting Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation.

Gavin Friday contributes piece to Sculpture in Context 2012

Gavin Friday has contributed a piece to the annual ‘Sculpture in Context ‘ exhibition in Dublin. The exhibition opens Thursday September 6 at the National Botanic Gardens and runs through October 19th. The sculptures will be displayed throughout the gardens, ponds, Great Palm House, and Curvilinear Range, with the smaller works exhibited in the gallery…

John Hinde – Wish You Were Here

Written by Gavin Friday for The Irish Times supplement “The Moderns”, on the Irish Museum of Modern Art’s exhibition “The Moderns: The arts in Ireland from the 1900s to the 1970s” “Having recently come across a book of photographs of John Hinde’s Ireland from the 1960s and 1970s, I was totally taken aback that after…

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Tomorrow belongs to me – bottles

Beer bottle labels created in 2006 by Gavin Friday and Redman AKA for Beck’s. Other artists to create labels for Becks include Damien Hirst, Gilbert & George and Jeff Koons.

Gavin Friday and Philip Treacy’s design hat for Pagan Fun Wear

In 1995, ‘Pagan Fun Wear’ was organised as a fund-raising event for War Child, as a continuation of the 1994 ‘Little Pieces by big Stars’ art show and auction. It was, according to Brian Eno (in his diary, ‘A Year with swollen appendices’): “a Bacchanalian feast, a fashion show, an auction and an art event.”…

The NO Cow

Gavin and Andrea Corr took part in the 2003 Cow Parade event, a sponsored public art exhibition for charity. They painted a ‘NO’ themed cow (‘anti drugs, anti violence, safe sex’) with help from the girls from The Sheriff Street After Hours School Education Project. The sponsors’ money will go towards the Sheriff Street Project.…

Artists for Kosovo

Two-thirds of the Kosovar refugees who fled the war in April (some 600,000 people) returned to their homeland. These people came back to find widespread destruction: over 500,000 houses were destroyed or seriously damaged; 40% of water sources contaminated by debris, animal and human remains and an estimated 1 million mines have been laid in…

I didn’t come up the Liffey in a bubble

Excerpt from Gavin Friday – The Light and Dark, by Caroline van Oosten de Boer (Von B Press, 1991) New Year 86/The Blue Light/Guggi, Charlie, Gavin, Bono/FourPints/Lots of Talk/Three Pints and a Jack Daniels/Talking About Paint and Pain/What’s The Story?/The Pink Room/A Sky Above/Sounds of an Empty Estate/Four People Painting/No Mercy/On Canvas/Barbaric/Meticulous/Scat-Illogical/Holy Mary of O’Connell…

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