Download your Gavin Friday Christmas Gift 2012

Happy Christmas! We have a Christmas card and message from Gavin for you + a free mp3 of ‘The Angelus’, which was the intro to every ‘catholic‘ show this year. The card comes with a warning: extreme cute overload! (zipfile contains image and mp3) Gavin’s been working on all kinds of things, so if you…

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Download a ‘catholic’ surprise

Gavin Friday - Able - Radio Promo - Sleeve

Here’s a little gift from us to you. Gavin Friday’s new song ‘Able’ is available as a free download from today until the album release date, April 22. Download ‘Able’ by Gavin Friday (mp3). ‘Able’ goes to radio in Ireland this week and got its first play last Friday on Today FM. Spread the love:…

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“Anti-hero Gavin Friday returns fittingly”

Gavin Friday - The Dead Arose And Appeared To Many

“16 years since his last album, it’s time to salute anti-hero Gavin Friday, who returns fittingly, at a time of upheaval, of political chaos, and of spiritual, financial and moral bankruptcy. Ireland is a very different place to the country Shag Tobacco was recorded in, and the intervening decade and a half coincided with a…

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Gavin Friday and Dave Ball single ‘Ghostrider’ – download now

Gavin Friday and Dave Ball’s cover of Suicide’s ‘Ghostrider’ is now available on vinyl and for download from Blast First Petite. The single was recorded as part of a 70th Birthday Limited Edition EP tribute series to the Suicide vocalist Alan Vega. The download comes in two formats: mp3 and high quality lossless FLAC file.…

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Gavin Friday sings Lipstick with Preachers Son

Gavin Friday sings the song ‘Lipstick’ on Irish band Preachers Son’s album ‘Life, Love and Limb’. Preachers Son are Kila’s Brian Hogan, Engine Alley’s Emmaline Duffy-Fallon and José Carlos Anselmo Flores. They recorded their debut album with producer Ciaran Cahill and it was mixed by Dave Bascombe (who also worked on Gavin Friday’s own “Adam…

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Virgin Prunes MP3s available on

Readers based in the USA might be interested to learn that part of the Virgin Prunes back catalogue is available from Amazon MP3 service. Full albums available are: The Moon Looked Down and Laughed, Over the Rainbow, Heresie and A New Form of Beauty. Songs can be purchased either individually from $0.99 or as traditional…

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Howie B’s remix of Gavin Friday’s Singin’ in the Rain

Gavin Friday – Singin’ In The Rain (Mixed by Howie B) – Dub Plate, from the Fabric podcast, May 2008. Download it as part of Howie B’s Fabric Podcast from iTunes (UK, but available to all). Gavin’s track appears in part 2 of the podcast, dated 27-05-08. Singin’ in the Rain was originally recorded by…

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